3 Modern Tile Looks For Your Poolside Area

If you're planning to install a new pool in your backyard, then you've no doubt given plenty of thought to the materials you might use to finish the pool's surface and the surrounding area. There are several options available, but if you're looking for a classic, elegant, and modern look then you can't go wrong with tiles. Tiles not only look incredible, but they are also very durable and require very little maintenance, other than a clean every so often. Here are three modern tile looks which will look incredible on your new pool.

1. Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are very small, coloured tiles which generally have a very shiny and reflective glaze. Mosaics have been used for thousands of years, so they're excellent if you're trying to create a modern European look or a more classic Greek or Italian style pool area.

Mosaic tiles come in a staggering array of colours. You can stick to a single colour for a streamlined look, or mix and match the colours to create a dazzling feature. If you're creative, you may even like to use the mosaic tiles to create a pattern or design to give your pool a unique quality.

2. Natural stone

Natural stone tiling is a popular choice because of its timeless beauty and durability. Natural stone comes in many different hues, although the palette is generally muted because that is a quality of natural stone. Hues range from white and pale beige through to greys and blues.

Choosing a single colour is a way to create a sleek look, while mixing and matching different stone varieties can also create an interesting monochromatic style. If you want to brighten things up, incorporating small areas of bright mosaic tiles can look fantastic.

3. Timber look tiles

Timber look tiles are a popular choice for interiors because they combine the warmth and beauty of wood with the eminent practicality of tiles. These tiles allow you to recreate the look of timber floors or decking, without all the regular upkeep that real timber requires.

This type of tile also looks incredible in outdoor settings and work very well around a pool. The replica wood pattern on the tile also gives it a slightly rough texture, which makes it an excellent non-slip surface for wet poolside areas.

All of these tile varieties are readily available online and can be delivered to your door. If you're unsure about how many you'll need, then discuss the problem with your tiling contractor who will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the number of tiles required for your pool area.

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