How To Trap Some Sunshine In A Jar

Home-made sun jars are pretty neat items that can be used to create a very beautiful scenic view in your garden at night. There a few DIY reviews on this unique project so this article will attempt to combine the various tips out there to create a very comprehensive and clear idea of how to go about this crafty project.


Solar Lights

Packing Tape

Utility knife

Glass Frosting Spray

Rechargeable Batteries (optional)

Taking Apart The Solar Lamps

Solar Garden Lights are usually found near the garden section near the lawn ornaments. Popular brands for this project include Malibu Solar Garden lights or Hampton Bay Solar Lights, but you can use whatever you find.

Use the utility knife to surgically cut out the inner guts of the solar garden lights from the casing. These components include: the rechargeable batteries, solar panel and circuit board

Assembling the Jars

First, frost the jars on the outside to create the nice glowing effect of sun jars (mason jars are the most popular choice).

Be sure to leave the lid clear since you will need sunlight to come through to the solar panel so as to charge the batteries

Alternatively, cut out a piece of translucent paper to fit into the jar to create the glowing effect.

Then re-arrange your solar components on the inner side of the jar lid so that they fit snuggly into the jar lid. Tape them down properly using the packing tape.

You have now made your very own sun jar, all that is left is to leave them in the sun to charge.

Tip: You can change out the rechargeable batteries and put new ones to ensure longevity of the sun jar light. New batteries are charged better by the solar panel than old ones.

Decorative Effects (Optional)

There are some very creative ideas that you could do to create some beautiful authentic sun jars that create really cool effects and that make for really cool home-made gifts.

You could put clear glass beads in your jar. If you are using coloured beads, avoid dark or opaque beads and ensure the solar panel is not obscured by the beads.

When buying the solar lights, you could buy coloured LED lights which will create a cool effect ,or you could change out the LED light bulb to create a variety of colours.

Last but not least, use a decorative jar.

For more information about solar power, contact a company such as Cool Or Cosy.

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