3 Home Alterations That Will Enhance Your Dog's Well-Being

Every loving dog owner wants their pooch to be healthy and happy, and there are a number of steps you can take to provide a safe and comfortable home environment for them to grow in. Here are three simple alterations you can make to enhance your dog's well-being:

Switch To Carpet

Most dogs aren't keen on spending their days relaxing in front of Netflix. If your rambunctious buddy loves running through the house, consider the suitability of your flooring. Hardwood and laminate flooring can seem ideal when you have a dog, as they're easy to clean. However, dogs tend to skid on these types of flooring, which puts pressure on their hip joints and leaves them at risk of injury. Good quality carpeting ensures your dog can gain some traction when running around and won't slip when they get excited and start jumping.

Install A Pet Door

A pet door gives your dog freedom to exercise outdoors in the garden, access natural light and get some fresh air whenever they feel like it. They won't have to wait until you have time to take them out, and this can allow them to experience a sense of autonomy. Having choices and a healthy amount of freedom can help prevent boredom and low mood, and newer pet door models eliminate common concerns associated with pet doors. For example, some models have a sensor and only open with a microchip, which your dog can wear on their collar. This prevents other animals accessing your home, and if you want the pet door to stay locked, you can simply remove your dog's collar.

Create A Safe Garden

There can be a number of hazards to your dog's health in your garden. Ensure pools and ponds are fenced off or covered when you dog has access to the garden, and provide a shaded area to prevent them developing heatstroke during the summer. You should also remove poisonous plants from your garden. If your dog ingests these plants, which include daffodil bulbs and tulips, they can cause gastric upset, neurological problems and organ failure. The Pet Poison Helpline publishes a list of poisonous plants.

These are just a few steps you can take to provide a healthy, happy home environment for your dog. If you have any concerns about your dog's well-being, have them examined by your vet and review your home for any areas that might be causing stress or frustration.

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