Benefits Of Using A Carport

A carport is usually an area attached to a property which features a roof and (sometimes) a side and is used as a place to park a vehicle off of the street. It is usually unenclosed, unlike a regular garage. Carports are popular with homeowners for a number of reasons, such as they are fairly inexpensive to build. This article examines some of the advantages a carport can have over a regular garage and some of the benefits homeowners get from installing a carport.

Vehicle Storage And Protection

When parked in the carport, the vehicle is safely out of the way of rain, sleet, snow and the rays from the sun. All of these elements can damage your vehicle; the carport offers protection from all the elements. It is usually possible to park more than one vehicle in the carport, and the area can be used for motor bikes or SUVs if required. Any other additional room can be used to store other items such as bicycles, which will be protected from the elements under the carport.


Compared to a regular garage – which can cost thousands of dollars to plan, design and construct – a carport is an inexpensive way of adding a vehicle storage space to your property. In fact, many carports can be built by a competent DIY enthusiast; carport building kits are available to make the job easier. This dramatically cuts down on labor and equipment costs. The carport offers much of the same protection and security as a garage but without costing anywhere near as much.

Value For Money

Adding a carport to your property can add a little value onto your home. Many people expect a storage area for their vehicle(s) as a standard when looking for new property, and a carport will offer this. Conversely, if you decide to move house, it is possible to deconstruct the carport and take it with you to your new home. Either way, a carport is excellent value for money and a great investment.


The area created by the carport can be utilised for different things other than just parking a vehicle. It can serve as a shaded area for you and your family to sit, or as an area for children to play in. You may like to put your dog's kennel there, offering a shaded and cool area on hot days. It can be used for storage as well.

Carports make an excellent investment, and have steadily been growing in popularity during recent years. For more information, contact a business such as Lifestyle Patios.

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