The wellness theme: constructing a healthy home

Wellness is on the verge of turning out to be the new catchphrase in the housing market. An interesting yet important consideration is the role played by a home in the health and wellbeing of its occupants. Few people really understand what a healthy home really means. Some people assume it means a safer staircase. The truth is that there is plenty of talk in the housing market concerning the connection between a home and the health of its occupants, but it's mainly in general terms. This article seeks to go into the specifics of the matter and explain how homebuilders can help you achieve a healthy home.

Air quality

At present, indoor air quality is very important to the concept of a healthy residence. Fresh concerns revolve around air quality and the existence of volatile organic compounds—also known as VOCs—which are emitted from building products, flooring, furniture, glues and fabrics inside the home. VOCs are organic compounds that are dangerous air pollutants. The truth is that it is not difficult to improve indoor air quality. Let's look at what home builders are specifically addressing to improve indoor air quality.

Use of VOC-free painting and finishes

Products that comprise of volatile organic compounds emit VOCs when used. For example, the use of new paint and finishes that contain VOCs exposes the occupants to volatile organic compounds. Long-term exposure to VOCs often leads to damage to the kidneys, liver and brain. Short-term exposure, on the other hand, causes respiratory tract and eye irritation, fatigue, poor coordination, nausea, poor memory, visual disorders and headaches. Thus, homebuilders should use VOC-free paint and finishes in new homes to prevent the exposure of occupants to these dangerous organic compounds. Besides, these VOC-free paint finishes can also get rid of indoor smells from cooking, pets and smoke.

Use of flooring, wallboards that improve air quality

Homebuilders are also using building products that improve air quality. These include flooring and even wallboards. For instance, they use wallboards that are able to clean the indoor air by trapping volatile organic compounds and converting them into inactive compounds. Furthermore, a number of hardwood floors feature a titanium dioxide finish that has the capacity to break down lethal pollutants in the environment.

Indoor-outdoor connection

Another aspect implemented by home builders (such as Overland Homes) to achieve a health home is creating a connection between the indoor and outdoor environment. This is achieved by the installation of windows that allow appropriate levels of natural light inside the home thus bringing the outdoors in. Natural light streaming inside the home through the windows is advantageous to one's health through its positive effects on mood, attentiveness and body metabolism.

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