How To Build A Patio

Building a brand new patio is something an average DIY enthusiast homeowner can do with ease. This article is focused on how to build a square patio; the method described here can be used to create basically any rectangular shape. The primary advantage is that the bricks used are not mortared in place, therefore the sand-based patio is extremely efficient for someone with little experience in this field. Before starting the building process, you will need the following materials:

  • Landscape fabric
  • Galvanized nails
  • Expansion joint materials
  • Strings and stakes
  • Screed, gravel, sand, pavers and broom

Preparing the bed

Estimate the size and the shape of your patio. If you intend to include right angles, make sure to check them for accuracy before proceeding further. Once you have laid out the patio, use the shovel and mattock to dig out the area equal to the patio size. If you need to remove turf in order to make room for the patio, use the newly excavated turf in order to create new areas of lawn. This way you do not waste any material.

Cutting the landscape fabric

Once the patio bed is prepared, you need to cut out a piece of fabric equal to the size of the patio bed. This will prevent weeds from coming up through the gravel and destroying the aesthetics of your patio. Depending on your patio and the fabric roll's size, you might need more than one piece of fabric. If the roll of fabric is not thick enough, it might not prevent all the weeds from sprouting through it.

Adding the gravel and levelling it

Between the house and your patio area, you want to put an expansion joint material so the gravel doesn't come in contact with your house. Next step involves adding about three centimetres of gravel throughout the patio area. Once the gravel is added, use a piece of scrap lumber to carefully scrape the gravel so that it's leveled from side to side.

Adding the pavers

This is the final step of creating your patio, and it involves arranging the pavers in the desired pattern, snugly fitting them together in order to ensure the good stability of the patio. Do not attempt to change the pattern once you have added a couple pavers because the pavers may not fit, and you will end up having to re-do the whole process. You can use pieces of string from one end of the patio to the other to form a straight line that serves as a guide.

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