A Break Down of Self Storage Costs

Many people who rent self-storage facilities only pay attention to the total fee they are charged without taking time to look at how that fee was arrived at. Thus, they may end up categorizing that self-storage space as expensive and yet a closer look at the itemized statement of costs would have revealed that they got a very good deal. This article discusses some components that providers of self-storage facilities (such as Zippy Removals & Storage) base upon to compute their rates.

Security Features at the Site

The degree of security provided affects the rate clients are charged for using self-storage facilities. For instance, if a facility has 24-hour armed guards as well as guard dogs then the cost of maintaining those guards and dogs will impact the bill you pay. Thus, a facility that has CCTV cameras, armed guards and guard dogs will charge a little more than a facility that only has CCTV access control as a security feature.

The Size of the Storage Unit

Storage units are priced basing on how many square feet of storage space they provide. The bigger the space the higher the rental fee you will be charged. For instance, you will pay a higher amount if you rent a storage unit that has five square feet while an individual who rents a unit of two square feet will pay less than what you pay.

Additional Services Requested For

Self-storage facilities normally provide additional services to customers that request for them. Those services include transporting the items to be stored from your home to the storage facility as well as security locks for the storage unit. Those additional services attract an extra charge and that cost is added to your bill.

The Rental Period

Many self-storage facilities offer generous discounts to customers who rent a storage unit for an extended period, such as a year. Thus, it is common to find that the monthly rental fee for a client who pays for an entire year is much lower than the monthly fee of another person who only rents a storage unit for two months.

Each of the factors above exerts some influence on the eventual bill you pay. As you compare the rates charged by different self-storage facilities, examine the actual cost of the different items above and you will be able to identify the most competitive place from which to rent a self-storage unit. You will also be able to take steps to lower self-storage costs. For instance, you can rent the unit for half a year at once instead of renewing your rent each month.

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