Deciphering Some Types of Blinds

Everyone knows what blinds are. However, when you go to choose some blinds you are suddenly confronted with an insidious array of choices. From Roller to Honeycomb and all the Venetian and Roman blinds in between, the choice of blinds is astounding. This article will hopefully help by describing some of the more confusing styles popular at present.

Venetian Blinds – These are the classic style of blind where everyone can picture a creepy neighbour pulling one slat down and peering outside. That memory falsely provides negative connotations to Venetian blinds. These binds are very stylish and useful; a series of slats are strung together to make one cover for the window. They are particularly useful because one can normally alter the vertical level of the slats to allow more light in without having to open the window entirely. Usually made from wood or plastic these are one of the cheapest types of blinds available.

Roman Blinds – These blinds are made from one large sheet of material that is stylishly drawn up into pleats when lifted. These are nice because one can create rather fancy designs because the blind is made of a single sheet of material. Due to being one single sheet of material offer a better complete cover to block out the light. However they are normally a more expensive than other blind types.

Honeycomb Blinds – These are a very innovative style blinds. Made from a varying number of sheets of material they are made in layers joined together in pleats forming compartments which trap air offering a layer of insulation against the outside. This is especially useful because it is something that normally held against blinds in the debate of 'curtains versus blinds'. They are stylish and not too expensive.

Roller Blinds – These are a very simple design. A single sheet of material is placed on a roller. They can be rolled up to the top or part way and are very unobtrusive when rolled entirely. Roller blinds are made from a single sheet of material thus more creative finishes and designed can be thought up. Although this will drive up the cost as most companies will only want to offer the material they currently have. Roller blinds are commonly used as a form of blackout behind curtains because they are simple, cheap and small. It is also possible to make them as a sunshade blind, where they let most light through but hold some back to prevent glare, etc.

For more information, check out companies such as Blind Magic.

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