3 Tips for Decorative Storage of Firewood in Your Home

Having a fireplace in your home can mean added warmth and comfort, as a fire is not only functional but it's very nice to look at during cold winter nights. Storing your firewood (from companies like Rouse Hill Firewood) can be a challenge however, as it may look a bit rustic and out of place if you simply stack it next to your house outside and the fireplace inside. Note a few simple tips for decorative storage of firewood in your home.

1. Decorative Tubs and Baskets

One reason that firewood is often unsightly is that it's stored out in the open, which can detract from an upscale or modern look of a home. A good way to avoid this is to invest in a tub or basket that actually hides the firewood from plain site. If you have your firewood on a small shelf or rack and think that it detracts from the style of your home, invest in a tub or bin that matches the room's décor. A woven basket can be very casual whereas a tin tub can look modern and upscale. Hiding the firewood from plain sight can mean making it look much better overall.

2. Built-in Shelves

A good way to get firewood off the ground and to make it look more decorative is to have built-in shelves around the fireplace that holds the wood itself. You can slide it right into the shelves so that you only see the ends of the firewood, which makes it look neater and more organized. You can also add decorative elements to the shelves if you build them up an entire wall. Have the firewood on the bottom shelf, then add photos and knickknacks to other shelves. This makes the piece look planned and finished and not just functional.

3. Storage Furniture

To get your firewood out of sight completely, buy a bench or ottoman with built-in storage meant for firewood. You might also consider building a window seat in the room with a fireplace that has storage underneath the seat itself to hide away your firewood. Be sure that you invest in storage furniture that is strong enough to hold firewood as it does get heavy when you stack it, and it should have an interior that will resist being scratched by its rough edges. Choosing storage furniture for your firewood can mean keeping it out of sight while also providing you with added seating for any room.

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