5 Tips For Beautiful Garden Lighting

Many homeowners appreciate the beautiful and calming impact that a garden can have at night when the correct light display has been set up. There is much more to achieving this result than simply installing some lighting in the garden. Time and care must be taken to envisage where and what kind of lighting will be required, and the location of any installed lighting. This article offers some tips to help you select the correct style and placement of lights.

Walk Around the Garden

Take some time to walk around your garden at night, and try to visualise which areas would benefit from some lighting. It is important to remember that, generally speaking, less is more in this case. Some well placed lights will not only serve to increase safety as you walk around the garden, it can highlight and show off features and landscapes that you may have. If it helps, draw a rough sketch of the garden, and plan where you would like to install the lights.

Plan the Light Source

For a perfectly located light, it should be possible to see the effects of the light, but not where it originates from. In most cases, this means either using a light guard or placing the light behind a rock, shrub or wall.

Avoid Glare

For decking and patios, it is important to place the correctly illuminated light so that you and your guests do not suffer from glare. Position lights so that people using these features do not have to look directly into the light source, while at the same time the area is lit appropriately.

Use Solar & LED Lights

Generally speaking, solar lights are a waste of time and money. Most solar lights will only produce a very dull light, which will not enhance your garden. LED lights, on the other hand, are good for highlighting areas such as a pool, but are too strong in places like patios and decking. Make sure you understand which lights are suitable for which areas of your garden.

Consider Backlighting

Backlighting is where a light is behind a feature, such as a tree or a shrub. The effect is to produce a silhouetted area of the garden, which can be extremely pleasing to the eye. Take the time to experiment with some backlighting, and remember that shaded and silhouetted areas can help to create boundaries within a space.

It is a good idea to talk to a lighting specialist like Lighting & Ceramics about your ideas; this is likely to save you both time and money in the long run.

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