How To Keep The Effects Of Winter Out Of Your Garage

Cold weather is just around the corner and it's time to make sure that your home is weatherproofed accordingly. Don't just focus on the living area, but make sure that your garage is ready for the onslaught as well. Typically, contractors do not take the time to ensure that a garage is as well insulated as your home when it is constructed. There are several areas you need to look at. What do you need to do to ensure that you have that extra buffer between Mother Nature and this area?

Insulating The Door

Remember that the garage door is built to be functional and to provide some security, but is not necessarily designed to keep warmth in. Schedule a trip to your hardware store and pick up some specially designed roller door insulation kits. These will be either solid polystyrene sheets, or fibreglass panels. You will need a utility knife in order to cut the sheets or panels down to the correct size, according to the dimensions of the aluminium panels. Usually, these sheets will just press into place, but you may need plastic clips to ensure that the softer fibreglass panels attach correctly to the door.

Dealing With The Edges

The areas around the door need to be insulated as well. Usually, these doors will come with weather stripping already attached. If it is showing some signs of wear and tear, then you will need to replace. Measure the dimensions and get the correct products from your hardware store. They will come in foam, rubber or vinyl and can be attached on all four sides of the door.

Considering Insulated Doors Instead

It may be time for you to consider replacing the door altogether. Perhaps it doesn't open and close as smoothly as it used to. You can get roller doors these days that come complete with weatherproofing installed. This insulation is built into the panels and the design also features upgraded seals in between the joints.

Looking For Other Problem Areas

Once you have dealt with the door area have a look at all the other potential trouble spots. These will include areas around pipes, vents and electrical sockets, all of which are typically left uninsulated during an original garage construction. While you should never completely seal the vents, of course, you can apply caulking or expandable foam insulation around other openings to keep the warmth inside.

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