Why Choose Roller Doors For A Home Garage?

Roller doors are commonly used in industrial or commercial garages, but as a homeowner, you may want to think about this option for your own garage. There are many advantages to a roller door versus a door that swings out and folds up or even one that slides along a track on the garage ceiling. If you've never thought about a roller door style for your use at home, note a few of the advantages it offers and how it can work best for a home garage.

1. Space savings

Garage doors that swing out need clearance for them to work properly, and you may have already had a car bumper smacked by one of these doors being opened by someone inside when you've parked too close. You may have even hit your own shins trying to open one by hand. Those fold-out doors can also be very unsafe if there are children playing on the other side of it when you open it from the inside.

Roller doors are a much better design because of their space savings—they offer you a compact solution. They simply roll straight up and down so there is no clearance needed. They also don't take up room along the garage ceiling, so you can easily add overhead shelves to your garage for storage of off-season sporting goods and other items without needing clearance for the garage door itself.

2. Fewer and easier repairs

A garage door that runs along a track puts tremendous weight on that track every time it opens and closes, and having tracks that bend or pull away from the garage itself is not unusual. A roller door simply folds up on itself and is tucked away in the roller container, so you may see that you have fewer repairs to the door over the years.

It can also be easier to repair a roller door as it is built in sections so that it can roll and fold on itself. You can then easily repair just one section if it is damaged; if someone were to bump the door or hit it with any object and the door gets dented beyond repair, you only need to replace that one section rather than the whole door itself. This makes repair and replacement of severe damage to your door easier and more affordable when you choose a roller door style.

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