The Advantages of Commercial Door Keypad Locks

There are different types of locks suitable for use in commercial premises. It is important to ensure that your choice is ideal in order to protect the company assets as well as sensitive information. If you are thinking about upgrading your old locks to improve security in your building, you should consider choosing keypad locks. These are keyless locks which are designed to use combination identification codes for access. Here are the main benefits linked to installing this type of lock in your establishment:

Secure Entry System

There are distinct security concerns attached to using keys to access commercial buildings. Generally, there are at least two people with a copy of the keys to the office or the store. A determined intruder can steal and duplicate the keys or an employee may lose them accidentally. This exposes the business premises to a lot of vulnerabilities and the strain of keeping keys secure can be overwhelming.

The keyless entry system eliminates these risks because the combination code cannot be stolen or lost. Moreover, you can make a policy that prohibits sharing or keeping records of the secret access combination. This will mitigate the risk of entry by unauthorized personnel.

Changeable Access Codes

The keypad combination code used to gain access into the business premises can be changed at any time. This quality of locks is crucial in safeguarding the company against disgruntled employees who may attempt to return and vandalize the office. If you are using a keyed entry, you will need to hire a locksmith to change or re-key the locks.

This practice is relatively costly, time-consuming and generally inconvenient. Keypad locks do not require professional intervention so you will save money while limiting the security vulnerabilities. In addition, you can change the code regularly as a safety precaution against accidental divulging information.

Diverse Options

There are diverse types of keypad door locks in the market in terms of style and programming options. You can choose the best type depending on the requirements of the company. For instance, there are entry systems that require the use of combination codes as well as fingerprints. This will allow you to track the activity of individuals in case something goes amiss.

Alternatively, you can choose a keypad that allows different unique codes to be programmed into the lock. This will facilitate tracking of door activity and improve vigilance among people who have access and consequently, security will be improved. Furthermore, you can choose keypad designs that merge perfectly with office design.

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