Simple Considerations for Purchasing Residential Curtains

Curtains will affect the visual appeal of the interior residential design and the functionality of the space. This window treatment is designed to control the amount of light in the pertinent rooms and provide privacy from neighbours. There are diverse types of curtains in the home improvement industry therefore it is easy to make the wrong selection.

Poor choices will lead to low aesthetics, reduced light control performance and extensive maintenance tasks. Here are some simple aspects to consider before purchasing the best curtains for your home:


There are diverse fabrics which are suitable for making curtains. Your choice will determine the performance and functionality of the window treatment as well as the durability. Generally, very heavy fabrics will not fold neatly when the curtains are drawn while the light ones will not fall naturally. Choose curtains which hang smoothly when pleated or folded instead of flaring outwards.

The best materials for home curtains are velvet, linen, genuine silk and faux silk since they are durable and high-quality. You can also choose heavier commercial fabrics such as tweed and suede for overly bright rooms. Additionally, it is important to check whether the fabric is machine-washable or only dry clean. Your choice should depend on preference but the machine-washable alternative is more practical.


The right curtain length will depend on factors such as the specific room, desired design and aesthetics. Long curtains can create an increased sense of height in the space so they are ideal for the living room and bedrooms. You can install the curtain rod considerably higher than the window frame for a dramatic effect. If you want a traditional interior look, you should add extra length at the bottom to allow the fabric to pool. However, you should note that this style will require frequent cleaning.

Alternatively, you can choose curtains that are flush with the floor surface for a more modern look. Short curtains are ideal for kitchen use because the floor is susceptible to moisture and dirt. In addition, if a bed or a couch is directly under the window, you should consider using short curtains for improved convenience.

Custom vs. Ready-Made

Custom fabrics are the idyllic choice because you can opt for perfect dimensions for a neat tailored look. Furthermore, there are virtually limitless style options in terms of fabric colour and patterns, header style and general design. However, these products are costly to acquire for many homeowners. There are diverse ready-made choices in retail stores so you will find high-quality alternatives.

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