How to Choose Outdoor Window Treatments for Your Home

A good way to filter out light and noise for your home is to choose an outdoor window treatment. These can even add visual appeal to a space, such as for a deck or patio. You have many options for outdoor window treatments, with the two most popular being awnings and outdoor blinds, so note a few factors to consider about each. This will help you to determine the right choice for your space.

1. Awnings

One benefit of awnings is that they can work to provide shade for a seating area, whereas blinds only provide shade for inside the home. If you have a deck or patio around a window area, you might choose an awning to keep it cool during summer and to trap the heat of an outdoor fire pit or portable heaters during the cooler months.

Awnings that fold down can also work to protect your home from the elements, and in some areas they may even be required by your homeowner's insurance carrier. During hurricane season or when there are tropical storms, you can fold down the awning and protect your windows from damage. These are also often used by those who get migraine headaches or who need complete protection from sunlight for whatever reason; when closed, these types of awnings fit snugly and allow in very little if any sunlight.

2. Outdoor blinds

One advantage of outdoor blinds is that they provide noise insulation as well as light insulation. You can also choose energy-efficient blinds, and these will reflect sunlight away from the home in summertime, keeping the interior cooler. Because you can open the slats of the blinds, you can get this noise insulation and energy insulation while still having as much sunlight in the home as you prefer. When placed around the columns of a deck or pergola, they can also provide privacy from neighbours.

Outdoor blinds are also less obtrusive than an awning. If you invest in a fabric awning that rolls up, this can disappear into the housing unit that holds the fabric, but otherwise your home's awnings will always be visible. If you prefer a clean and simple look to the outside of your home, exterior blinds may be a better choice. 

Note too that exterior or outdoor blinds can give your home a more modern appearance. Awnings are often seen as being very traditional and may be somewhat ornate, but metal blinds can work with a modern design for a home. If you have specific questions about window treatments, contact a business like Blind Outlet to learn more about these practical design elements.

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