3 Ways to Repurpose Old Shutters in Your Home

When you begin an exterior remodel and install new shutters on your home, you may be left with several construction items that you have no idea what to do with, including your old shutters. These are usually the first thing that you call a removalist to haul away or hire a bin to collect. There are some of these items that can be re-purposed in your home. Before you toss out the old plantation shutters and replace them with updated vinyl styles, consider these re-purposed options.

Rustic Wall Art

Rustic looks are popular in certain decorating themes because they can be added to everything from shabby chic to rustic western décor styles. You can re-purpose your old plantation shutters with a simple upgrade and turn them into rustic wall art. All you need is some fabric or paint and wall hanging hardware. Repaint the shutters, line them up, and hang them up in the room of your choice. For a really rustic look, you can choose to hang them as is and get a weathered and rustic effect all in one.

Bed Headboard

When it comes to finding the perfect headboard for your bedroom, you may be a bit disappointed. Most headboards are fairly straight forward, only offering material or fabric differences. Instead of settling for something mundane or traditional, re-purpose your shutters and create a headboard. You can add shutters to give the perfect length for any bed size. You can also dress the shutters up by using them to hold mementos like cards or flowers.

Shelving Units

You may have an issue where you don't want to use bookcases, but you still need some form of shelving. An easy shelving option that can re-purpose your shutters is to simply lay them on their sides, add shelving hardware and brackets, and then attach them to the wall. You have a unique shelving option that takes minutes to create and use. You can also paint them or leave them the way they are to give a rustic or cleaned up look. This is also ideal for bathrooms where you may need shelving for towel storage or as a unique focal point to hold candles or oil diffusers.

These are just three ways that you can re-purpose old shutters in your home. There are ways to use them in each room to add something unique to your room decor. If you choose to use them in a bathroom or humid area of the home, remember to seal them with a waterproof stain or coat. 

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