Quick Benefits & Tips for Built-In Wardrobes

If you're a homeowner looking to maximize on your space, you should consider installing built-in wardrobes into your home to create additional storage. These solutions are flexible in design, easy to install, and fitted to fulfill your specific needs. Here are a few benefits to built-in wardrobes and why you should use sliding doors instead of other options should you install wardrobes in your home.

Benefits of built-in wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are perfect solutions for spaces that are smaller because they allow you to use the shape of your home to create more storage and multipurpose areas. You won't get this same benefit from tables or with the addition of more closets unless you're willing to give up valuable living space. With built-in wardrobes, you'll have flexible options for shelving units to help create storage space for your clothes, shoes and linens, which can all be safely hidden away behind a sliding door.

Another advantage of built-in wardrobes is that they are very easy to install. It's recommended that you hire a professional contractor to design, build, and install a custom wardrobe that fits your specific needs. However, you can rest assured knowing that the installation process does not take long and the finished product will likely be more durable, stable, and most importantly, stylistically attractive than if you were to do it yourself. All the wardrobes are built off-site so that once completed, they are simply transported to your home and quickly installed based upon previous measurements and consultations by your contractor, prior to the build.

Go with sliding doors

When designing your built-in wardrobes, always be mindful of the final appearance and functionality. Wardrobes can be designed with a myriad of features, and there will be great emphasis placed on your doors. Depending upon the placing of your built-in wardrobe, you'll either want to use hinge and sliding doors or leave your wardrobe completely doorless. The doorless option is typically common with bookcases in the living room or home offices. Choosing between hinges and sliding can be a bit more difficult; however, sliding are typically the best option in most instances. This is because sliding doors give you additional space and add an air of sophistication in design that hinge doors don't necessarily give you. Not to mention, should you ever require repairs or maintenance, fixing a sliding door is easier to do than a hinge because the issue is often with the track, which can easily be replaced or cleaned. Hinges require much more specificity and a simple hinge malfunction can lead to an entire door replacement if the hinge is no longer available.

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