Kitchen Renovation | 3 Smart Renovation Solutions to Declutter Floors in Small Kitchens

Cooking delicious food in your kitchen can be extremely therapeutic after a long stressful day at work. But when you don't have space to move around freely, chances are you'll be as exasperated as you are when working. Luckily, some smart space-saving kitchen renovation ideas can eliminate your tenseness almost instantly by de-cluttering the floor space in your small kitchen. Inspire your creativity with these renovation solutions.

Wall-Mounted Accessory Storage

If you have a slender wall that isn't used for anything else, why not consider creating wall-mounted accessory storage on it? Instead of leaving the wall blank, you can smartly use the space to hang small kitchen accessories, like knives, wine glasses, ladles, towels, spoons, knives and forks. You can mount rows of different racks along the wall from the ceiling to the floor for hanging your kitchen tools. This eliminates the need for a separate table to house these accessories –– reducing the amount of furniture in your kitchen to free up floor space during kitchen renovations. You can give the wall-mounted storage space a distinct colour hue to separate it from the rest of your kitchen walls. Choose a contrasting colour to create a dramatic effect or choose a complementary colour to create a harmonising effect.

Replace Cabinets with Open Shelves

Instead of heavy and protruding cabinets that reduce the amount of moving space in kitchens, you can install open shelves that take up minimal room. Having open shelves virtually expands the space to make the room seem much bigger. Opening up shelves not only adds a sense of minimalistic style, but is also gives you the extra room to move around in the kitchen without bumping into different applications. Creating distinct open shelving by using contrasting colours or tie the kitchen décor together with complementary or matching colours. Keep in mind that complementary or matching colours will produce the desired effect when you're trying to make a small room look bigger. 

Install a Floor-to-Ceiling Pullout Pantry

If you don't have much room for a separate pantry, you can install a slim floor-to-ceiling pullout pantry that will snugly fit into a small space between the wall and the fridge for optimising floor space. Pullout pantries are especially useful because items stored on the top or in the back can be accessed easily. Let your pantry fit in well with your kitchen décor by using similar colours to your wall or refrigerator. Without the need for a separate pantry area, you'll have plenty of room to move around after your kitchen renovation effort.

Use these kitchen renovation solutions to create ample moving space for stress-free cooking.  

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