Other Tasks Locksmiths Can Perform For You

When it comes to locksmith services, people tend to seek out these professionals typically during emergencies. These usually involve being locked out of either their home or their car. However, unlocking your doors for you does not encompass the scope of services that these professionals offer. There are numerous other tasks that they can handle and not necessarily for emergency situations. Here are some of the other services that you can enlist from your local locksmith.

Alignment of your doors

Gradually over time, the doors in your home may begin to drop. This is typically caused due to their own weight. More so, it is common with those that have UPVC installation. The dropping may also occur due to other reasons such as hinges getting loose over time, warping of the timber, children exerting pressure on the door due to swinging on it and more. Once your door starts dropping, it becomes difficult to shut it appropriately. Some homeowners may ignore this, but it will only get worse over time. In this situation, it is best to call in a locksmith who can assess the extent of the damage. Commonly, they may have to engage in toe and heeling if the hinges have little adjustment left in them.

Unjamming of your doors

Another common complaint that homeowners have regarding their doors is jamming. This will commonly happen in doors that are exposed to heavy usage. Over time, some of the components in the locking system may give out. Multipoint locking systems are more susceptible to this. Once the lock seizes, you will be unable to either open or close it. By enlisting the services of a locksmith, they can come in and unjam the part of the mechanism that has given out. Locksmiths are best suited to this task as they are aware of the different fault and lock systems and what each would require to be repaired successfully.

Rekeying your locks

For some people, when they move into a new home or perhaps have split with their spouse, they will opt to have all the locks in the house changed to ensure that nobody else has a set of keys to their residence. What homeowners do not realise is that there is a faster way of doing this without having to spend money on your new locks. Your locksmith can come in and rekey the locks instead. This simply involves changing the interior pins of your existing locks, thus ensuring that the former keys do not work.

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