Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning systems allow you to condition the air inside your home in all the rooms simultaneously or one room at a time depending on the type of system you have installed. They are essential for many homeowners all year round. Just like any other systems, air conditioning systems need regular maintenance in order to ensure that they are operating efficiently. This saves energy costs in the long run and minimizes repairs. Air conditioners are bound to malfunction after long period of usage or due to poor maintenance. If this happens, it is important to have the air conditioning repaired or replaced.

Warning signs for imminent repairs

An air conditioner that is about to malfunction is likely to give some warning signs. The following are some of these signs and should be responded to before your system breaks down.

  • Excessive noise during operation. Air conditioners are designed to run with minimal or no noise at all. If you notice a buzzing, rattling or any other unusual sound when your conditioner is running, this is an indication of a fault monitor or loose parts that need to be fixed.
  • Decreased cooling throughout the house. Decreased cooling means that the airflow to the air conditioner is weakened, either due to a worn out air filter or clogged vents. There could also be another cause which should be examined by an expert.
  • No cool air at all. If your air conditioner is not regulating air at all, chances are it has already failed. An expert needs to look at it and establish the faulty parts that should be repaired or replaced.

Air conditioning repairs should be carried out by an expert to ensure that you do not end up causing more harm. Being electrical systems, any wrong connections can blow up the entire system; therefore, one should not undertake repairs unless they are sure of what to do.

Repair and maintenance

Air conditioning repair and maintenance should be done regularly to ensure that the entire system is functioning properly. Some parts that need regular repair and maintenance include the following.

  • Air conditioning filters. One of the most important maintenance routines is repair and maintenance of air filters. Air filters that are clogged with dust reduce the air flow and efficiency of the system, increasing energy requirements of the system. Clogged air filters should be regularly replaced with new ones for efficiency of the system.
  • Air conditioning coils. Air conditioners have a conditioner and evaporator coil which is used to absorb heat. The coil collects dirt over time, especially if the condenser is located outside the house and the environment is constantly dusty and with debris from leaves and dirt. The area around the coil should be regularly cleaned to ensure it does not clog.
  • Coil fins. Coil fins facilitate air flow through the coil. Over time, they can bend and prevent air flow, reducing the efficiency of the conditioner. Faulty coil fins should be repaired by use of a fin comb which 'combs' the fins back to their original state.

Any maintenance that involves cleaning and unclogging can be carried out by the homeowner. However, for any air conditioning repairs such as replacing coils, air filters or the motor, an expert should always be involved to identify and fix the problem.

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