Plantation Shutters: Choosing Ideal Window Treatments

There are assorted window treatments that are perfect for installation in your interior space. The right choice should be designed for easy operation and aesthetic enhancement of your home. One of the popular treatments to consider selecting is the plantation shutter. This solid window covering is built using horizontal rails and vertical stiles, which form a stable frame. Operable louvers are installed within the frame to enhance the expediency of the window feature. The louvers can be used to control the natural light, ventilation and even the privacy in your home. Consider these simple factors when selecting your plantation shutters.


The conventional plantation shutters are fabricated using natural wood. Timber shutters are strong and long-lasting for general residential usage. Moreover, this choice will provide diverse choices with regard to style. You can obtain a classic look for your home by choosing this material and requesting your supplier or custom manufacturer to provide a treatment painted white. The white colour can also complement minimalist décor in a contemporary home. You can also select other unique paint and stain options since wood can accept diverse treatments.

If your plantation shutters will be exposed to moisture, you should consider choosing PVC or other synthetic materials. PVC shutters are rigid and sturdy, so they are not susceptible to damage and will provide long-term service. In addition, they are not susceptible to water damage like natural wood. They can be exposed to interior moisture in kitchens and bathrooms, and you can install them in areas where they will be in contact with rain. If you still want shutters with a wooden look and at relatively low cost, look for faux wood synthetic shutters.

Opening Patterns

You can install plantation shutters with different number of louvered panels. Ideally, you should measure the width of your window opening and decide on the best number of panels. If you choose a single shutter panel, you will need a configuration that swings out when opened. On the other hand, two or more panels can be swung outward or folded. For example, a window with three shutter panels can have each panel swinging independently. Alternatively, two panels can be folded together and one swung out. Inquire about all options before purchase.

Tensioning Aspects

The appeal of plantation shutters is in the straight slats used in the construction. Unfortunately, when light synthetic materials like vinyl slats are installed, the appeal will decline when they droop with time. You should choose shutters with tensioning screws to reinforce the tension in these products periodically.

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