Split ACs | 4 Plausible Causes of Split Air Conditioning Compression Failure

A compressor is one of the most important air conditioning parts because it increases pressure and compresses the refrigerant before directing it to the condenser unit. The compressor is supplied with power for compressing refrigerant. During the compression process, a tremendous amount of heat is generated, which may cause some damage to the compressor over time. This guide is designed to help you diagnose plausible causes of compression failure in split system air conditioners.

Dirty Coils

When grime, dirt and dust build up on condenser coils of split system air conditioners, they will be unable to expel enough heat from the system. This forces the air conditioning unit to run harder to cool down your room. The enhanced pressure on the air conditioner and the temperature increase will cause overheating and eventual failure of your compressor. Cleaning your condenser coils regularly to protect them from dust and grime can prevent this problem. If your compressor has already failed, be sure to get an AC technician to fix your problem immediately.

Leaks in Refrigerant Lines

If the refrigerant lines in split system air conditioners develop cracks or holes, then refrigerant liquid will start leaking out of them. After leaking for some time, the refrigerant liquid level will fall to dangerously low levels –– causing the compressor to work harder, so that it can pump adequate refrigerant through the air conditioner to cool down your room. This constant strain will result in a compressor breakdown over time. Make sure your AC technician inspects these refrigerant lines during every service check.

Clogged Suction Lines

If the refrigerant liquid of your split system air conditioners gets damaged or blocked, it will clog up in the suction lines that transport it through the unit. Over time, you'll notice that the system isn't cooling the room as effectively as before. If this problem remains unchecked for a long time, the increased pressure because of clogged suction lines will cause your compressor to fail. If you notice your unit failing to cool the room, you'll want the AC technician to check the suction lines.

Contaminants Entering the Unit

Split system air conditioners are especially susceptible to contaminants because the outdoor unit is usually housed on a rooftop or in the backyard of buildings and houses. This exposure to weather elements can result in a number of contaminants entering your unit. Moisture, dirt, debris, soot, leaves and bird droppings can easily enter unprotected units. Make sure your outdoor component is set in a proper location, and clean your outdoor unit as often as possible to prevent compression failure. You can also add netting around it to prevent elements like leaves, bird droppings and soot from entering into it.

These plausible causes of compressor failure in split system air conditioners should be addressed immediately for your unit to run efficiently.

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