Four Essentials You Need for a Simple and Basic Shed-to-Home-Office Conversion

You need a spot to work, but your home is always filled with the hectic noises and activity of your family. Luckily, if you have a bit of space in your garden for a shed, you can convert a standard variety garden shed into a home office.

There is no limit to the amount of features, wiring and decor you can add to your shed turned office, but for a simple and fast start, you only need a few essentials:

1. A heavy-Duty Extension Cord

Ultimately, you may want to bring power to your shed and set up outlets, but to get started quickly, you just need a heavy-duty extension cord. Make sure that your cord is rated for being outside and surviving the elements -- ideally, it should be the type of cord you would connect to an electric lawn mower or a strimmer.

Stretch this cord from one of the outlets on the outside of your house, and drill a small hole in the wall of the shed so that you can bring it inside. Then, add a power strip, and you are ready to power up your computer, lamps and other electronics.

2. A Wi-Fi Signal Booster

If you've got a great wi-fi signal in your house, you may be able to access it easily from your shed. However, if your signal is a bit weak, you can remedy that with a range extender. This simply connects to your existing router and increases the signal.

Alternatively, you can buy small antennas that plug into your computer or laptop. These antennas help you connect to wi-fi signals that are relatively far away, and they may be able to help you sense the wi-fi from your house in your shed.

3. Window

Although it's a matter of comfort rather than necessity, a window should be near the top of your list if you are trying to create a workspace in a shed. A handyman can add a window relatively easily to an existing shed, and you can even save money by buying used windows.

Alternatively, if you are in the market for a new shed, try to buy one with a window already installed.

4. Plasterboard and Insulation

If you have never installed plasterboard before, don't be afraid. It's typically easier than it looks. If your shed is unfinished and has the studs showing, you simply buy a few rolls of insulation. Then, you glue them to the wall in the spaces between the studs.

Once the insulation is in place, you can add plasterboard. Basically, you hold up the plasterboard and nail it to your studs. That gives you office a relatively finished look without a lot of expense or effort.

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