Electric Locks for Access Control in Your Offices

A reliable security solution for the information, files, and documents in your organisation relies on your ability to control who can access it. You do not want private and confidential information finding its way into the hands of unsuspecting clients and employees. In addition, it is also important to control unnecessary interference during meetings by ensuring that the meeting rooms are only accessible to those invited there. Electric locks are very reliable when it comes to access control. They comprise a lock, which keeps the door shut, and the access control mechanism, such as a biometric or card reader. The card reader is computerised to determine the areas that employees can access. For a reliable access control system, here are few locks a locksmith can install in your offices:

Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks are secured using a mechanical lock fitted in the frame of the door and the door itself. The lock is then connected to a source of electricity. The lock will only open when you trigger the access control device, often placed beside the frame or the door itself. Since the electric strike lock works like most other standard locks, it can be made in a way that allows the person inside to open the door using a handle. This is meant to improve safety in emergency situations, such as a fire breakout.

Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic locks work on the concept of the magnetising effect of electric currents. An electromagnetic strip is fitted on the frame of the door. The strip fits into an armature fitted on the door. The strip in the frame and the armature on the door have unlike poles to ensure that they attract and hold onto each other all the time to keep the door closed. When you activate the access control device, it breaks the circulation of electric current, which ends the magnetising effects and enables you to open the door. These locks are easy to install, cheaper than the electric strike and wireless locks, and they can withstand a significant amount of force in case of a break-in.

Wireless Locks

Wireless locks work like electric strike locks, but the access control system is in the lock itself. Therefore, you can use handprints or fingerprints to trigger the access control system. These locks are preferable for offices that require tight security and limited access to nearly all the people in the office. For instance, only a chief executive or their assistant can be allowed to access such places. A good example is an office safe.


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