Which Window Blind Mounting Option is Better?

You may have seen some window blinds mounted outside, and you may have seen others mounted inside the windows. This may have set you wondering about which mounting style would be the best for you. Read on and learn all that you need to know about the two ways through which blinds can be mounted on windows.  

Inside Mount

When you mount your window blinds inside the windows, the blinds are installed inside the window frame. Screws driven into the top of the window frame casing anchor the brackets holding those blinds. Many people prefer this style of mounting for several reasons. First, it helps to block out more light from getting into a room. Secondly, it gives a neater look because the blinds can easily be measured to be an exact fit within the window opening. Additionally, this mounting style allows your window casing to remain visible. However, inside mounting is difficult if there are obstructions, such as alarm sensors installed in windows. 

Outside Mount

You can also mount your window blinds outside. This is done by installing the blinds on the wall just above the windows. You can also mount the blinds onto the trim found outside of the window frames. Outside mounting requires the blinds to be much larger than the windows. This enables the entire window frame to be covered. This style of mounting is ideal if your windows lack sufficient depth for the inside mounting of blinds. Each blind manufacturer recommends how deep windows should be if blinds are to be mounted inside. Outside mounting will be your only option if your windows do not meet that depth requirement. Outside mounting is also suitable if your windows have obstructions, for example, cranks that are used to open the windows. The downside of outside mount blinds is that they may wear out quickly due to constant exposure to the elements. This exposure may restrict you from using blinds made from certain materials (such as fabrics). It may also be slightly more expensive to buy outside mount window blinds. This is because they are wider and require more materials when compared to inside mount blinds.

As you can see, it is important to decide which style of mounting you would prefer before you order window blinds. In case you are not sure about the suitability of either mounting style, contact a supplier of blinds in your area. He or she will use his or her expertise to help you to make the right choice.  

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