How to Ensure Your Patio Is Usable All Winter

If you have a patio that is great in summer you might also like to work out ways to use the area in winter. Here are some ways that you can make your patio into a year-round outdoor living space. 


One of the things that can make a patio less enjoyable to use in winter is the wind. You can manage this by using shutters or rollers blinds to create a flexible way to block out some of the wind. You can also install some plexiglass panels that can keep the upper-panes of the patio windproof while letting you still enjoy the view of the outdoors. 

Additionally, the walls of the patio may also need to be windproofed, especially if they are made of a loose grid or picket style of walls. 

Add Heating

If the patio tends to get chilly in winter it can often be useful to get a space heater, similar to those used in cafes and outdoor entertaining areas. These function by using gas from gas bottles and can be very effective in heating a small area, particularly if installed at the correct size. A warmer space can make it more pleasant as an outdoor living area. 

Another way to keep warm can be to have a selection of throw rugs for people to use. It can be easy to create some throws by cutting some heavyweight polar fleece into large squares, which can be stored in a chest on the patio. 

Slip-proof the floors

If the floor gets dewy, or it often rains in the area, it's easy for water to make the patio floors slippery and uncomfortable to use. Applying a nonslip coating to the floors can make the patio easier to use, as well as feeling safer for people to move across. 


If you enjoy sitting outside and listening to music, if you want to continue to this into winter it's a good idea to get the electric connections waterproofed to protect against rain. That way you can confidently switch on the stereo and not have to worry about electrocuting your guests.

With some simple tweaks, you too can turn your patio into a new living area that you can use all year round. If you are looking to get your patio renovated for the winter, call a company like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd and make some simple changes to make your patio more usable no matter what the weather. 

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