4 Reasons to Opt for a Guest Bed Over a Sofa Bed

When people are choosing furniture for a spare room, they often have to decide between opting for a sofa bed or a regular bed to accommodate guests. Sofa beds often seem like the more convenient choice since they can be used for both sitting during the day and sleeping at night, but they come with a number of disadvantages that people often fail to consider.

Here are just four reasons why a regular bed will usually make a better choice.

1. Weight

Sofa beds combine the weight of a mattress, a regular sofa, and the complex metal mechanism used to extend and fold back the bed itself. That makes them incredibly heavy, far more so than a regular bed or sofa. Unlike normal beds, they can't be taken apart due to the complexity of the mechanism. This means that moving a sofa bed can be very tricky. If you're the sort of person who likes to change around the furniture, they make a bad bet. Even everyday tasks, such as moving the sofa bed for dusting, can be tough.

2. Comfort

Sofa beds are far more comfortable than air or foam mattresses, but they can't realistically compete with real beds. The mattress doesn't take long to start feeling uncomfortable because it's designed to be foldable. This might not be a problem if the bed is only going to be slept on for a night or two at a time, but sofa beds are far from ideal when anyone is staying for longer than that, particularly if they are older or suffer from back problems.

3. Reliability

There is very little that can go wrong with a regular bed. At worse, a slat might break, but that's easy to fix and will be barely noticeable for the person using it. In contrast, a sofa bed replies upon its mechanical mechanism. If anything goes wrong due to overuse or added stress, you might find that it is impossible to extend it out for sleeping, or that the mattress won't stay level once it has been extended.

4. Cleanliness

Beds need to be kept clean if guests are going to stay healthy while they sleep. Unfortunately, it is much easier for dust and other contaminants to build up within a sofa bed since it is not open to the air. Dust and dirt can also become caked up within the mechanism, and any moisture will be harder to dry out. This will make the bed less pleasant to sleep on, and it can also be a real problem for people with allergies.

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