Timber Tables | 3 Tricks To Eliminate Water Stains From Wooden Tables

Timber tables feature a rustic and sophisticated appearance in a home with classic décor, but they must be properly maintained to prevent unsightly stains from different elements, including water. Without coasters, you're probably going to be left with water ring stains on your table. Don't panic! You can restore the original condition of your wooden table without much trouble, especially if the stain is light, because this means that it hasn't penetrated through the surface. Follow these tricks to remove water stains from wooden tables.

Rub Baking Soda Paste Over The Water Stain

To remove water ring stains caused by sweating bottles or glasses on timber tables, make a paste of baking soda and water. Baking soda acts as a strong disinfectant with alkaline properties that can neutralise stains. Use a toothbrush and apply this mixture over the stain by gently rubbing in a circular motion until it lightens or disappears. Avoid using hard-bristled brushes for this rubbing motion because it may cause scratches on your timber table. This singular action is typically enough to get rid of water stains on timber tables. You may need to apply furniture polish or a suitable timber finish to restore the spotless condition of your timber table.

Use White Toothpaste Over The Water Stain

White toothpaste contains sticky and mild abrasive substances that can pull out stains from surfaces, even the ones caused by water. If you're planning to use this trick, keep in mind that gel toothpastes will not work. Apply a little white toothpaste onto a soft-bristled toothbrush and apply it over the stain. Keep rubbing gently until the stain disappears. Do not scrub too hard because you may eat away at the surface. If toothpaste doesn't work on its own, you can combine it with baking soda for stronger results. This should typically render the stain invisible. You may need to apply a timber finish or polish to your table to restore its sheen.

Apply A Solution Of Vinegar And Water To Lift The Water Stain

White vinegar contains acetic acid, which doubles up as a stain removal agent for many blemishes. You will need to apply a few drops of vinegar into a spray bottle filled with water. Spray this solution over the surface and let it sit for several minutes. Gently rub over the stain with a soft cloth to lift the water stain from your timber table. Use another cloth to dry the area once done. You can then apply polish or finish to the table.  

Follow these smart tricks in your quest to remove water stains from timber tables.   

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