First-time Users: Essential Tips You Need To Get the Most of Your Caravan Awning

During family vacations, it is hard to squeeze all the luggage in the caravan and still enjoy adequate space for sleeping and other activities. Congestion can really ruin your vacation or even stop you from carrying some of the essential things that you need for fun while on holiday. This is why you should have a caravan awning to provide more space for your vacation. If you are using a caravan on vacation for the first time, here are some essential tips that will help you get the most of your caravan awning:

Which Colour Should You Go For?

Even though it is a matter of personal preference, understanding the benefits and downsides of each colour types will help you make get the most of your caravan awning. This is particularly important when it comes to the prevailing weather conditions in your destination. Light colours reflect a lot of heat away, and they are ideal for hot seasons when you need to keep the living space cool. On the other hand, dull colours are good at absorbing heat, leading to a warming effect. Such awnings are good if you are going for a vacation in a colder region, as they will help you maximise the little available heat.

What Sort of Fixing Should You Go For?

Fixing points are used to offer structural support to the caravan awning so that it is firmly held in place. For some awnings, you need to screw the fixing points into the walls of the caravan. Before you buy such an awning, make sure that the caravan has strengthened areas for this purpose. When wind blows against the awning, the strengthened areas guarantee against damage to the body of the caravan. If the caravan doesn't have strengthened areas, go for awnings that have large pads to minimise the chances of creating dents on the caravan.

What Frames Should You Go For?

Frames give shape to the caravan awning and help to hold it in position. For a large awning, you should go for steel since it is sturdier than aluminium. You should use steel frames for full awnings. On the other hand, porch awnings (smaller in size) can be well held up by aluminium and or fibreglass frames because they are not as heavy as the full awnings. When buying steel or aluminium frames, ask for those with a galvanic coat that protects them from corrosion. For fibreglass, you won't have to worry about rusting as it is naturally resistant.

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