Materials You Could Consider For Staircase Balustrades

When it comes to balustrading, homeowners tend to only focused on enhancing the aesthetics of their indoor staircases. This is typically because the stairway is a focal point of the home, especially if it is located in the middle of the room. However, your outdoor stairways can also be a source of visual interest on your premises. One of the ways of making them so would be by choosing outdoor staircase balustrades that are not only functional, but attractive too. Typically, homeowners will gravitate toward wood balustrades as they add a classic and rustic charm to the home. It should be note that this would not be the most ideal material to consider if you are looking to install balustrading outdoors. Here are some of the different materials that you could consider for outdoor staircase balustrades.

Stainless steel outdoor staircase balustrades

A misconception some people have concerning stainless steel is that it gives off a sterile appearance. As such, some homeowners may steer clear from these balustrades as they assume they will make their property appear rigid and cold. The truth is there are numerous ways that stainless steel can be crafted to produce ornamental outdoor staircase balustrading. Some of the different ways that stainless steel balustrades can be enhanced aesthetically include the addition of filigree shapes. One of the benefits of stainless steel is that it is quite sturdy. This sturdiness enhances the safety of your outdoor staircase. In addition to this, stainless steel can be used for an array of other applications. This gives you the flexibility to match other aspects of your outdoors with the balustrading such as balcony railings, pool fencing and more.

Stone outdoor staircase balustrading

If you are looking to create a grandeur appearance with your outdoors stairway, you should consider stone balustrading. There are two main ways that this can be done. The first technique that can be used to create this balustrading is carving. This type of technique is best employed when you are constructing the home as this gives the contractors a chances to carve the balustrades right as the building is being erected. On the other hand, if you already have constructed the residence, then you could consider casting the stone balustrades. One of the more popular options when it comes to stone balustrading is marble. However, if you find that this may be too expensive, you could consider other natural stone options such as limestone, granite and more.

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